Umbrellas in the Wind

If you’ve owned an umbrella at any point in your life, then you’ve probably had the experience of meeting a strong head wind and having your umbrella flip inside out. There’s nothing more infuriating, and it has the effect of making you feel like someone in a cartoon, wrestling with the wind and the frame. Sometimes, if wind has flared up, there’s an appeal to going without the protection of an umbrella, but the Umbrella Shop is here to help you cope with the wind while keeping your umbrella in good working order.

1. Umbrella Choice
Some umbrellas stand up better to wind than others—that’s a fact. Since umbrellas are all made for a variety of different reasons, there isn’t one that can suit all weather conditions at all times, or all needs at all times. If you like a stick umbrella but want it to fit into your purse, we can’t help you. But if you choose a model that is designed to withstand heavy winds, like our Windgrinder (with a dual layer system that allows wind to pass through safely) or Free Flex, then you’re setting yourself up with a durable umbrella designed to take what Mother Nature throws at it.

2.  Ribs
When it comes to wind, flexibility is vital. Think of a tree in a hurricane…if it doesn’t bend with the breeze, it will snap. The same goes for umbrella ribs. Metal doesn’t flex in any way, so if it does flip inside out, it’s more likely to break permanently. Fibreglass, on the other hand, it designed to flex with the wind and if it does flip inside out, you can flip it right back without worry.

3. Lean in
While it might make it a bit harder to see, that pointing tip at the top of your umbrella should be directed into the wind while you walk. That will keep air from swooping down underneath and flipping it inside out…or right out of your hands.



Get Out of the Rain, Vancouver!

Let’s face it…in Vancouver, rain is a part of life a good 75% of the year, which is why the Umbrella Shop is in the perfect location! Some of us retreat once the moisture fills the air, and some of us want to get out and dirt bike, hike and explore. We thought we’d look at some of the great things to do in our area on a rainy day—just don’t forget the umbrellas!

Get inspired
Some of the most beautiful works of art have been created while observing nature, and that means rain too. Canada’s Group of Seven can attest to that! Grab a canvas and head to one of the city’s paint nights, which collects a bunch of art lovers and sets them to work painting a particular scene while connecting with one another in a pub or restaurant.

See history
Vancouver has a fantastic array of museums and galleries that speak to our rich cultural history and also highlight our past and future as interpreted by artists and historians. Some of our faves include the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Maritime Museum, the Museum of Anthropology, and the Museum of Vancouver.

Get outside
You won’t melt or fall apart if you step into the rain! Take the opportunity to explore some of our many trails and hikes that will likely be quieter considering the weather. But always be safe in the rain, as trails will be extra slippery.

Eat, eat, eat some more
Vancouver is known for a selection of incredible restaurants at all different price points, so why not check out some you’ve never tried before? Maybe set a challenge of trying three poutines and picking a favourite, or check out three food trucks and make a rating system with friends. Regardless, you’ll be dry and fed and surrounded by friends or friends to be!


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Choosing Umbrella Fabric

In our years of umbrella blogging, we’ve been shocked at the number of topics we’ve been able to cover. We’ve looked at umbrellas as props, gifts, and practical tools. We’ve explored umbrella history and the science behind rain. And of course we’ve looked at all the elements of umbrellas, except their fabrics!

Fabric choice is important in an umbrella, since each is designed for a different purpose and can be better suited to certain kinds of climates. Here on the wet coast—ahem, we mean, west coast—there is ample opportunity to bust out a brolly, but there are sunny days and patio days and windy days and a million other factors that make your umbrella material something worth inspecting.
Here at the Umbrella Shop, we have a wide variety of materials to choose from so you can find the one that suits you best.

We have plenty of people who question cotton as an umbrella choice. Surely it isn’t water repellent, right? And won’t it get dirty? Not with the right care, it won’t! We make several Domestic Print sticks in special cotton material, which repels water and keeps you dry while also harkening back to a bygone era of classic style. The nice weight gives substance to your umbrella and with great care and spot cleaning, will last a long time. But these umbrellas definitely require total drying before folding up to store.

With excellent water repellency and being so easy to keep clean, polyester is one of the most popular choices for umbrellas. It’s nice and lightweight too, meaning you won’t have to truck around a heavy, sodden piece once it withstands some weather. This fabric tends to be on the shinier side, so some might not appreciate that if they prefer something more neutral.

UV Filtering
You guessed it…our UV filtering material, well, filters UV rays! While it goes without saying, many are under the assumption that popping up a regular umbrella will do the job of protecting you from the sun, but if you’ve ever gone out in a t-shirt and still found your skin burnt once home, then it will come as no surprise that run of the mill umbrella fabric isn’t always up to the sun-protecting task. If you intend to use your umbrella for sunny days, make sure you choose one designed to protect from the sun.

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Spring Rain Survival Guide

Image Courtesty of Giving

It’s no secret that it’s been a wet spring so far. Vancouver has officially seen one of the gloomiest months of March since record keeping, and we’re feeling the weight of that, even here at the Umbrella Shop, where rain is worshipped and appreciated (it’s our business and our passion!). So how do we still live life, get outdoors, and prevent slipping into sadness when rain keeps pelleting the windows? To help battle rain blues and arm you with the best defence, we made a little Spring Rain Survival Guide to help you get through April Showers.

1. Remember it will bring May flowers
There’s a reason it’s a saying! Falling rain now makes for extra healthy plants for summer, when as you know, we tend to slip into the opposite weather issue of dryness. So try to embrace the rain, think of all our natural water resources replenishing, and look at the glass half full. Besides…there’s nothing you can do to stop it, so might as well embrace it.

2. Play in it
Remember when you were a kid and the solution to a rainy day was to pop on some gumboots and get to splashing? You can still do it, even without the rain boots. You won’t melt like the Wicked Witch of the West, so the next time we have a downpour, wear your least water-repellent clothing and get to splashing. Better yet, invite some friends to take part in the fun.

3. Host a movie night
There’s nothing better than a cozy day in while the rain pitter-patters at the window and you’re tucked warm and snuggly inside. Take this as an opportunity to stay indoors with a glass of wine or cup of tea and binge-watch that Netflix series you’ve been meaning to catch up on. Most important, this laziness must be guilt free.



Umbrellas for Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day is upon us, and we all fret about the perfect gift to give to Mom or the mother figure in your life. Here at the Umbrella Shop, we love our moms and want them to know how much we care, and in true Umbrella Shop fashion, what better way to do that than with a brand, spanking new umbrella chosen just for her?

Sure, maybe an umbrella doesn’t seem like the first gift that comes to mind when we think of mom. Many of us turn to traditional flowers and chocolates, but what about something she can USE? What about something that will keep her dry and protect her from the sun? Now that you’re convinced, let us help you pick the perfect one.

Domestic Stick
Does mom deserve to be spoiled? Of course she does! We make all our domestic sticks here at our Broadway Street factory in Vancouver, so each one is made with special care and attention on our vintage sewing machines with unique-to-us fabrics. The elegant and classic design will be perfect for the classy woman in your life, but the array of patterns and colours means you’re sure to find one that suits your mom’s particular style.

All moms are unique and special, but sometimes, there’s only a custom job that will suit. Thankfully, the Umbrella Shop staff are always on hand to help if you want a custom piece that is made just for her. You can choose colour, design, handle, and so much more, so get in touch at with lots of time in advance to make your selection.

For the practical woman, sometimes a folding umbrella is the only one that will do. We always recommend our house brand two-fold, since it’s mega durable to wind and rain but also folds up in a handy size that fits into many purses. Like our domestic umbrellas, there are so many prints and options so you’re sure to find the right one.



Umbrella and Rainy Day Hacks

We love umbrellas at the Umbrella Shop, in case you weren’t aware! Most of our employees own a horrifying number of them too, so we’d be lying if we pretended we aren’t always on the hunt for ways to make umbrella management a little bit easier.

Sometimes it can all feel like a bit much. The drips. The ribs. The fussy little band of fabric to snap the umbrella closed. We get it. So we thought we’d investigate umbrella and rain hacks to make dealing with the rain a little bit easier.

1. Keep towels on hand
There’s nothing worse than getting in from being soaked, even if you have an umbrella, and dripping all over the darn place. Having towels, or at the very least, some newspaper on hand can make life a whole lot easier.

2. Do the card wrap
Losing umbrellas is nothing short of annoying. Vancouver is known for having a sea of lost umbrellas scattered across the city. Don’t join those leagues by labeling your umbrella with your business card. Simple tape it around the handle. It might not keep someone from stealing it, but it’ll make it a whole lot less appealing to thieves.

3. Bag it
Some of our umbrellas come with their own personal carry bags so that you don’t have to worry about storing it wet (keep in mind, we recommend you dry your umbrella after every use to keep fabric in tip top shape). But for those who don’t, it’s always a good idea to have a nice, long plastic bag at the ready to store your umbrella until it can be dried properly.

4. Don’t just have one umbrella
We realize we’re saying this when it’s what we sell, so maybe you don’t want to take our word for it. But there’s a reason we at the shop tend to own more than one umbrella…you need different ones for different uses. Stick umbrellas are more durable but can be too difficult to store. So do yourself a favour and have a few options at the ready. Better yet, have one at work and in the car too. You never know.



How Rain is Made

Here at the Umbrella Shop we spend so much time protecting ourselves from rain that we don’t really think about how it comes to be. We take rain for granted, but it nourishes the earth, grows our plants and replenishes our drinking water supplies. Like it or not, we seriously need rain.

Living in the Lower Mainland, we like to think we’re rain experts. It’s everywhere here, pelting the city all winter long and well into the spring too. Sometimes it feels like we never get a break.

But rain is a pretty spectacular beast, when you read about it. When moisture occurs in the air and upwards airstreams push the precipitation higher, poof, rain happens when gravity can’t hold it in the clouds any longer. Because we live in a mountainous area, we see a particularly large amount of rain when the fronts collide with air streams coming over and above the mountains. Conversely, the Okanagan is so darn desert-ish for the exact same reason. Mountains.

The more we got to thinking about rain, the more we wanted to scrounge up some interesting facts. Here are a few to get your brain going the next time you pull out your umbrella.

-You’d think the desert is the driest place on earth but nope! It’s Antarctica, with just 6 inches of snow or rain a year.

-The rainiest place on earth is Columbia. (We know. You thought it was Vancouver.)

-You can tell it will rain if you see cumulonimbus cloud (big, puffy and flat on top).

-Rain can fall up to 22 miles per hour. Ouch!

-On Venus it rains sulfuric acid. Suddenly a little water isn’t feeling so bad, eh?

-In Kauai, Hawaii, there is a mountain where it rains more than 350 days a year. Seriously.



Umbrella Crafts

A while back we came up with some unique things you could do with old umbrellas, and after doing a little digging, we realized this wasn’t a topic we could let go of so easily. Umbrellas have so many different elements to them—ribs, handle, canopy, frame—that there are a ton of options for repurposing and reusing them beyond their standard purpose.

So we thought we’d look at some of the coolest things to do with your old umbrellas.

Make a Bag
All that fabric can be put to work with relative ease. If the fabric is still in good condition, separate it from the frame and add either a drawstring or a zipper to make a handy shopping bag for…perhaps a new umbrella! There are lots of patterns online and it’s a simple craft that kids can do too.

Magazine Rack
We kid you not. What’s a magazine rack if not metal frame and fabric to hold! There are several neat patterns after a simple Google search, but the idea remains. This craft uses two parts of the old umbrella, the frame and the canopy, to create a happy sling for your latest reads.

Make a Kite
Of course! You have all the workings already for a perfect kite…weatherproof material and a sturdy frame. A few simple tools and help from an adult will give umbrellas new life, flying in the air. Best of all, umbrella canopy material stands up well to wind, so it’s perfect as a kite.

Bird Feeder
Nothing complicated here! Simple turn an umbrella upside down and hang it on a tree or pole. Fill partly with birdseed and bust out the binoculars to watch them flock! Best of all is whenever it’s dirty you can simply take a hose to the material and set it up all over again. This is also a great idea for smaller, children’s umbrellas.

Hook it up
Don’t forget the handle! Remove cool umbrella handles from old umbrellas and screw them into a piece of spare wood to make a hook for robes, coats and bags.




We celebrate all holidays at the Umbrella Shop, and we love it when our customers do too. But March brings round a whole new way to celebrate, because it’s NATIONAL UMBRELLA MONTH! That’s right, you heard it here. National Umbrella Month is of course worthy of huge celebration around here. So we thought we’d share a few unique ways to celebrate alongside us.

And hey, when in doubt, you can always come by and shop for a new umbrella, right? And to SWEETEN THE DEAL, we're offering all our blog readers a 15% discount for the month of March! You only have to call in your order. Call 1-877-427-6559 from Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm Pacific time.

1. Paint or Draw

Get the kids involved and paint, draw and colour your favourite umbrella designs. Pinterest is a great source for countless colour-in options or make your own!

2. Splash in the rain. Because, why the heck not. Get dolled up in boots, raincoat and umbrella, or just brave it in warm weather!

3. Watch Mary Poppins or go to the play. You have to love a movie where the umbrella takes centre stage, right?

4. Make your own cocktail umbrellas (get the kids involved) using cupcake liners and toothpicks and then spend the afternoon mixing up fun virgin drinks, or use the umbrellas for tiny dolls.

5. Donate your old umbrellas to those in need. It will make you feel good while keeping others sheltered.

6. Buy a new umbrella. Duh. (Come see us. We can help.)

7. Give umbrellas away as a gift. We make promotional ones that you can custom design for you and your posse.

8. Host an umbrella themed costume party. Check out our post from Halloween and get cracking with Mary Poppins, Jellyfish and raining cats and dogs costumes.



How to Buy a Quality Umbrella

Courtesy of Giving Gifts Canada and Jocelyne Halle Photography.

Courtesy of Giving Gifts Canada and Jocelyne Halle Photography.

Shopping for good, quality products has never been harder, and this issue applies to umbrellas too. With the invention of online shopping, more and more customers turn to the descriptions on a website to help them make a selection. However, without the ability to touch, see and test, we never really know what we’re buying. Sometimes we’re pleasantly surprised and on other turns, horrified by imitations, poor construction or shabby materials.

At the Umbrella Shop, many of our umbrellas are made right in Vancouver above our factory on Broadway, so we know what quality is. Our other umbrellas are made overseas but Corry, the owner, regularly travels there to inspect the facilities and the quality of their work to ensure our umbrellas are done right, every time.

It can be hard to know what to look for if you aren’t an umbrella expert, so we thought we’d round up some tips on what marks quality in the umbrella shopping world.

1. Shop from a reputable source
If you’re buying from large online retailers who don’t note their product sources, you can get counterfeit and poorly made work. If you buy from a place you trust and has great reviews online, (like us!) you are more likely to find quality umbrellas. 

2. Check the ribs
Ribs are usually metal or fiberglass. We make both varieties, but it’s important to pay attention to this area, since this is where the strength of the canopy is. Is the fabric well sewn around the ribs? Are they free of bends? How many are there? All of these things impact the umbrella and its durability, strength and weight.

3. Fabric
Most of us can tell quality fabric when we actually feel it. We use a variety of materials but ensure there is relative strength and thickness. If buying a parasol or patio umbrella, look for UV filtering materials to protect from the sun.

4. Handle
Sturdy is the key. While you can’t tell comfort through a screen, you can look for naturally ergonomically styled handles that will suit a wide range of customers. Seniors and persons with disabilities should look for easy to grip, wide handles, while there are also curved options and different materials. Consider you’ll be holding it up for a while, the design matters!



The Auto House Stick

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t have favourites when it comes to our umbrellas, and each person who works at the Umbrella Shop tends to own several at a time. We’re mostly guilty of constant shopping for the delightful rain protectors, but most of us harbour secret love for one particular style. For one of our employees, Kelly, the Auto House Stick is her absolute favourite umbrella in the shop. She owns three of them (along with several others, by the way) in several different colours and patterns.

So why the Auto House Stick? What makes it so darn fantastic? “For me, the AHS is the best of several worlds,” Kelly said. “I get the size of a stick, the lightn

ess of a folding and the ease of automatic open.”

Indeed, the AHS fills several niches all at once. With over 19 colours and patterns available online, you’ll certainly be spoiled for fashion choice. While this umbrella is offered in several solid colours, there are also great patterns like Spring Leaves and Ginko Leaves for those with a taste for flash.

The AHS is also incredibly versatile. It has fiberglass ribs, which means it flexes and bends with the wind so that it doesn’t turn inside out. But it also makes the umbrella incredible durable. Just hold it in your hand and you’ll be a believer. The ribs also contribute to a wildly light stick model, just one pound, so you won’t regret slugging it around all day.

Since it’s a stick style, the AHS also has a great sized canopy, 41 inches in diameter. We’d like to see the rain get in under that! And the curved handle means it slings nicely on your arm or bag strap, making it perfectly portable.

At just $44.95, there’s a reason Kelly owns several of these umbrellas—they’re affordable. So come down to the shop and peek around for your perfect AHS. Trust us. You’ll love it.



How to Select a Vintage Umbrella

We love umbrellas of all kinds. Fat, thin, stick, folding, UV or rain protecting, heavy or light. While we love picking the perfect umbrella from our shops or online, we realize that for some, the only solution is a vintage umbrella. Whether it’s because you love to upcycle or you can’t stand a style that doesn’t harken back to the 20s, for some, vintage is the only way.

We’ve all seen the umbrellas at local flea markets or in the windows of the antique shops on Commercial Ave. Usually the vintage piece is sitting in a dusty corner, stacked under other items like broken records and stacks of dry paperbacks. If you really want to pick a vintage umbrella, we recommend checking out a few important elements before making a purchase.

Inspect the Fabric
If the material of the canopy isn’t in good condition, then the umbrella simply isn’t worth buying, unless you intend to repurpose it in some way or have it just for decoration. Check for signs of mould or holes that will only continue to deteriorate and leave you with nothing on your investment.

Check the Frame
Any broken or cracked frames need to be addressed, otherwise, the darn thing just won’t work. Older models often used metal or wooden frames and when those are damaged they can snag the material and make things worse. Keep in mind that if the umbrella really means a lot to you, we can do frame replacements in our repair shop.

Determine a Price
If you’re on the hunt for a vintage umbrella, you’re wise to do your research. We’ve all heard stories of people finding treasures for a steal at the local garage sale, but there are an equal number of people looking to take advantage of customers. It’s wise to check out prices in advance so you know you aren’t being swindled. Keep in mind what you intend to use the umbrella for (show? A craft? In the rain?) and set your budget.

At the end of the day, some purchases just speak to us and want to be taken home, so if you find the perfect umbrella and have an ideal space or purpose for it, enjoy!



Umbrellas For Love

We’ve long since looked at the umbrellas as a labour of love. The umbrella business isn’t a technology start up or a new social media channel. It’s just a love for a timeless fashion piece, rain protector and practical, everyday device to keep you dry and protected from the sun. We just like to make beautiful pieces and ensure they fall under our strict standards, not only for durability and style but also for how our employees and factory workers are treated and respected. Here at the Umbrella Shop, it’s all about love.

Of course, love is on all our minds this time of year, thanks to Valentine’s Day. So while the real poor St. Valentine was beaten with clubs and beheaded, we advocate for kinder and more loving displays of love and affection. And what better way to show your love for your partner, spouse, family member or friend than with a shiny new umbrella?

Call us crazy, but since so much love and tenderness goes into each umbrella we make, we think they make the perfect symbol of thoughtfulness and amour. We’ve rounded up some of our most romantic umbrellas for the lovelorn of the rainy streets.

Imagine this: It’s Valentine’s Day. It’s rainy and cold and your date is shivering away, unprepared (gasp) for the weather. This is your chance to show that chivalry isn’t dead! Pull the FreeFlex from your bag, pop it up and poof! You’ve got an umbrella the perfect size for two that stands up so well in the wind, you won’t believe it. It’s shockingly light and just begs for cozy snuggles under the canopy.

Art House Stick
Evoke feelings of the Romantics with our Art House Print Stick umbrellas. These whimsy and beautiful designs are classic stick models but with lavish pops of colour. Our faves for that romantic day of year? The bright Pansies pattern. Hey, at least that way you can also say you bought them “flowers.”

Insert Your Favourite Umbrella Here
No one can pick a gift for your loved one quite like you can. So why not forego the tacky flowers and chocolates and get your partner something useful instead? Everyone loves a beautiful umbrella, so pick the style and model that best suits your wants and needs.



Other Umbrella Uses

Sometimes we take our umbrellas for granted. Sure, they protect us from the rain, and sometimes the sun, but at the Umbrella Shop, we’re always thinking of new and improved ways to celebrate this ingenious device! Can we use the umbrella outside of the rainy day? Of course! Check out our fun list below for things to do with broken, used or heck, even brand spanking new umbrellas.

1. Defend yourself
Okay, so we don’t advocate for beating people with your umbrella. But a good stick model can come in handy if someone tries to accost you and you find yourself without a weapon. Since most every Vancouverite has an umbrella on hand, you can use it for self defense in a pinch.

2. Keep other things dry
In such an expensive area of the world, we’re used to coming up with unique ways to deal with space issues. Drying laundry is just one of those challenges when it comes to small spaces. So if you have an old umbrella lying around, strip the fabric and use the frame as a tiny, foldable clothes dryer!

3. Baby time
We’ve seen lots of great online crafts where people take used umbrellas to make lovely mobiles for their baby’s crib. Since the umbrella is already balanced, you don’t have to worry about the piece hanging wonky and looking awkward. Simply print or design some neat photos, letters and cutouts and hang from the frame with string.

4. Decorate!
We’ve shown a few available crafts you can do with used umbrellas, and while it might sound corny, they make for spectacular decoration. At the Umbrella Shop, we often hear from customers that the fabrics are works of art, so hang them open or closed in your house for a unique display.

5. Protect from pests
Ever had a picnic or outdoor lunch, only to have it invaded by ants and bees? Fear not! Use and old umbrella (smaller is better) to protect food on the counter or table while outdoors.



National Celebrations (with Umbrellas of Course)

The holidays have come to a close and normally we’re all feeling a little leftover vacation slump. It’s hard to get back into the swing of routine and work when we just want to be sipping mulled wine in the snuggly indoors. But the Umbrella Shop wants to remind you that there’s always something to celebrate, even if those celebrations are hilariously minute.

We’re glad to know that people want to find ordinary things to be happy about, but sometimes it can feel like each event, item and person has their own special “day.” Between National French Toast Day and National Nap Day, it can be hard to separate the realistic from the ridiculous. But we decided to do some digging for special days we want to celebrate, using our favourite item in mind: the Umbrella!

National Get to Know Your Customer’s Day, January 19th

When you run a small business, you quickly learn that it’s all about the customers. We’ve seen all kinds of customers come through our doors, all looking for the perfect umbrella for themselves or to make that perfect gift. With our new online store, we’re now talking with customers all over the world, sometimes helping them to craft custom pieces that are always fun to work with. But on National Get to Know Your Customer’s Day, we want to hear from you! Check out our social media channels and share your stories of Umbrella Shop experiences.

World Day of Social Justice, February 20th

We always stand for social justice, so we were honoured when the yellow umbrella became an international symbol of democracy in China.

National Weddings Month, February

Our umbrellas are always hits with the wedding crew. We offer a great range of umbrellas for couples and they make excellent photo props. And of course, few brides can resist our parasol styles. So we celebrate National Weddings Month with a flourish of our laciest and most bridal umbrellas!

International Flirting Week, February 14-20

What better way to flirt than under an umbrella? While we make lots of lovely, large umbrellas, we recommend something just a little bit smaller to get your flirt on. The Domestic Stick, perhaps? Perfect for canoodling under the canopy.

Groundhog Day, February 2nd

Just in case Wiarton Willie sees his shadowy self, prep yourself for winter or spring with an umbrella. It’ll cheer you up no matter the forecast.

If all else fails and you can’t get behind any of these celebrations, February 18 is National Drink Wine Day. Just sayin’.



Weather Depression


If you live in a rainforest like we do, then you’re no stranger to chronic sadness that can arrive with the sprinkle of rain that doesn’t end until late spring, in part due to the shortening of sun time and the arrival of darkness at 4pm. Constant darkness and rainy weather inevitably keeping us indoors, is a recipe for frustration. That’s where umbrellas come in…allowing you to hit the streets in style and escape the inside doldrums.

Whatever the cause, rainy weather can get us all down, unless, of course, you work at, or own an umbrella factory. What can we say…The Umbrella Shop loves rain! But we recognize others might not feel the same way, which is why we want to showcase our happiest, most colourful, most fanciful umbrellas to help battle weather blues. So the next time rain gets you down, pop open one of these umbrellas and banish darkness by blinding it with light and beauty!

Domestic Stick Vintage Sage
This stylish number just screams colour and fun! The beautiful golden pattern is somehow classic, and yet the bold choice of metallic and green brings lightness to the rain. You won't feel like you're hiding under a cloud of shadow!

Bubble Stick
It’s hard to be miserable with a Bubble umbrella, which is entirely see through and shaped like a perfect dome over your noggin. On top of being playful and a throw back to your childhood, Bubbles have no actual colour and therefore allow all natural light to filter through and brighten that miserable weather.

Maple Leaf Madness
Poor weather is time to bring your most Canadian self to the streets! These patterned umbrellas will lighten your patriotic heart while keeping you nice and dry. What’s to be sad about with that?



Vintage Love

Since we at the Umbrella Shop make products to last, we understand that sometimes, oldies are goodies. Since we do repairs as long as an umbrella fabric is in good condition, with proper care, some people have been known to keep their favourite umbrella going for years!

Sometimes newer isn’t better, and we have many customers who cherish the look of vintage umbrellas. If our Pagoda model and parasols don’t suit your fancy for an old timey kick, then a vintage model could be the right one for you. Whether finding them at flea shops or estate sales or your favourite vintage shop, when you find the umbrella for you, sometimes you don’t care that it comes with a few stains or faults. These can all be signs of a great life lead. So we’ve rounded up some care and cleaning tips for vintage pieces that need a little extra TLC.

1.     Check the fabric. Older umbrellas were often made of silk or wool or even oiled paper. Knowing the material used is vital to know how to clean it, since submerging in water or rubbing out stains could only create more on delicate fabrics.

2.     Dust it. We’re not joking. Using a fabric attachment, gently vacuum your umbrella to remove dust when full on cleaning isn’t possible.

3.     Oiled umbrellas don’t often open easily after years of sitting, so opening it gently in a steamy room, such as a post-shower bathroom, will help to soften the material.

4.     Clean the handle. If wooden, then use a quality polish to moisturize the wood. If made of metal, there are lots of great polishes available. Check the ingredients to ensure it’s safe for your handle.

5.     Repairs? Some repairs might be beyond your abilities. If that’s the case, bring it to us! We’ll inspect it and let you know if we can help.



Modern Umbrella Stands

With amazing umbrellas comes the need for amazing things to keep them in. At the Umbrella Shop, we pride ourselves on creating pieces that last, so in last week’s post, we talked about all the steps you can take to ensure that your umbrella lasts with proper care. While it wasn’t mentioned in the post, a great way to keep the frame in proper shape it to keep it stored in a way that protects the spokes and handles, and the best way to do that is with an umbrella stand!

That said, the idea of an umbrella stand might make you think of something out of a Victorian novel, but much like your umbrella, the stand you choose can match your personality or that of your home. So we rounded up some of the latest and greatest stands we could find.

Any Tall Vase

You can always opt to use any kind of large vessel that will work as an umbrella stand. Just make sure it’s tall enough to not tip when overly full and ensure you clean the bottom regularly from water and debris that might accumulate in the bottom.

Green as Grass

Check this number out! This amazing i-Umbrella stand brings the garden inside with a pop of green grass to catch drips and a sleek white metal frame to bring contemporary style to your home.

Wooden Beauty

If wood is more your thing but you aren’t into country, then this stand is for you. It’s made of stained and lacquered oak, held together with an elastic that offers a pop of colour.

Modern Metals

If modern is more your style, look no further. This stand is super sleep and simple and allows you to hang smaller folding umbrellas while standing stick styles.


This one takes the cake for simplicity and design! This resin model is then covered in silicone and looks like a cube, with cool grooves to hold the umbrella. When not in use, it’s not taking up a ton of space!



Fix My Umbrella

At the Umbrella Shop, we’ve always been advocates for repairing umbrellas. We’re one of very few places who won’t tell you just to buy a new one (although that’s always an option)! And we don’t skimp on quality to keep you coming back again and again for a new purchase. Instead, we like to think that if the fabric is still in great condition, we can fix it. At the very least, we’ll try, and the max cost of $15 (for our umbrellas only), you know you’re getting a deal.

So let us break it down for you. If your Umbrella Shop umbrella seams rip. Free. Tips fall off? Free. Tie-ins torn? Yup…also free! Most other repairs cost $5 And entire frame repairs are only $15, and we’ll even fix your umbrellas we didn’t make. (Cost will apply.) Please be aware that we only recommend repairing a vintage brollie if it has sentimental value.

But as the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and the same can be said for umbrellas. Proper care and maintenance will mean longevity for your purchase and fewer repairs. So we have some extra care tips to keep your rain deflector in top-notch condition.

Keep it dry. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…the saddest thing you can do to your umbrella is bundle it up wet without giving it a chance to dry. Drying it out each time after use helps to maintain the fabric and prevent mould and creases.

Avoid heat. When storing your umbrella when not in use, we advise keeping it away from direct heat sources, like vents or heaters. Prolonged heat exposure can warp wooden umbrellas and damage or alter fabric.

Protect the vulnerable underbelly. If you have a metal frame, usually aluminum, then like all metals, it is prone to rust. Try to keep water from touching the underside of your umbrella or if water does get in, wipe it down with a dry cloth and allow to air dry as normal. This will keep your frame in tip-top shape.

Easy does it. Don’t go snapping open your umbrella willy nilly! Be careful and gentle so that the frame and other working mechanisms are properly handled each time you open and close.



Pouring Under the Pagoda

We love umbrellas for countless reasons. They keep us dry, they come in so many styles and colours and they are beautiful while also serving a purpose, but a largest factor in our umbrella love is the elements of nostalgia and whimsy.

Umbrellas harken back to the days of yesteryear when there was a little more effort that went into getting dressed in the morning. There were things to consider, like gloves, hats, corsets and of course, umbrellas and parasols. Back then there were simple shapes but parasols often had a little added flair, be that in their fabric or the cut edge. Of course, the parasol or umbrella also served a purpose, but many recognized they were also a chance to let their style flag fly.

Which brings us to our latest obsessions; the Pagoda Umbrella! If you’ve never checked out this dazzling number, we encourage you to explore it here or to really appreciate the craftsmanship, to visit the store. The Pagoda is a stick umbrella that comes in six different colours, from wild red to tame navy and black. But what the colours share is a fantastic shape that will make you feel like you’re under an old-fashioned big top! With a sharp pointed tip and a special curvature of the frame, there’s a little bit of old school in the Pagoda model.

What’s best is that the Pagoda is also a truly useful and practical umbrella. With a price point of just $34.95, it’s easily affordable and the stick shape means it is classic and refined. The scooping handle makes it easy to hang off your arm or bag strap, and the wooden design gives a nice in-hand feel. With a nice and wide 40-inch canopy, you’ll be kept dry under any conditions and the lightweight aluminum frame keeps it under a pound.

So the next time you need a little magic and whimsy in your life and the rain starts to fall, the Pagoda should be your next purchase!