Each year the sun gets hotter and hotter, with more UV rays being emitted by the atmosphere. This means that we need to become more proactive in using proper sun care methods. Studies show that using an umbrella with UV protected fabric can block up to 99% of incoming rays, helping to prevent sunburn, wrinkles  and other sun-related inconveniences. Umbrellas also offer more shade coverage than the average sun hat (and no hat hair, what’s not to love?) We have a variety of UV protected umbrellas in stock, which can be found online here.

None of our sun umbrellas your style? Studies also show that a regular, non-UV protected umbrella can be effective at blocking out around 70% of those pesky rays. If you choose to take this route, be sure to pick a darker fabric as it will absorb more UV.

If you have any more questions about sun umbrellas, feel free to contact us. Welcome to summer!