On the Umbrella Shop website, we have an extensive history all about where we came from and how the business was originally started. This year we turned 80 years old and more than ever, we’re proud of the time, dedication and care that goes into each umbrella on our shelves. That’s why we thought we would highlight some of the major stepping stones that led to the current Umbrella Shop that you know and love!

1920s,- Isadore Flader, an immigrant from Poland, begins repairing umbrellas door to door.

1935- After moving to Vancouver for new opportunities, Isadore opens his first store downtown on Pender Street. The store is then known as Vancouver Umbrella.

1972- Charlie Flader, Isadore’s son, takes over ownership of Vancouver Umbrella, having worked as Head Cutter for many years.

1980s- Vancouver Umbrella, as it was known then, goes bankrupt. Charlie’s son, Glen, buys the machinery with his wife and they start the Umbrella Shop, at the current Broadway location. Glen becomes known as the “Umbrella Man” and becomes the trench coat-clad man on the current Umbrella Shop tags.

2003- Corry Flader, Glen’s sister, joins the Umbrella Shop, bringing with it her knowledge of the business and new ideas to grow.

2000s- Several new stores open, now back on Pender as well as Granville Island.

The Umbrella Shop also gets technical with an online store, opening their product to an even wider range of customers.

2014- Glen Flader sadly passes away from MS, leaving his sister Corry at the helm.

2015- The Umbrella Shop 80th anniversary!

We are proud to be North America’s last known umbrella factory. Come celebrate time and tradition with us!