You know all about our fantastic and stylish umbrellas, but did you know that we also sell a variety of canes? Of course, canes can help with mobility but some people also like to have one to add a little something special to their style.

It would make sense that those who buy a great, sturdy stick umbrella from us would automatically use it as a cane. After all, it’s the same length, has a nice curved handle and is easy to tap, tap across any surface. But here at the Umbrella Shop, we hate to see customers use their umbrellas this way since they aren’t intended to support body weight and therefore, could be dangerous if you genuinely need a cane for physical support. It is also damaging to the frame and tip of your umbrella, meaning a shorter life span for your investment.

So this brings us to sell a variety of stylish canes that actually serve the purpose of helping customers move comfortably and safely. Our White Rose, Black Rose and Swarovski Crystal Band canes are all polished, beautiful pieces of art that are both understated and yet comfortable to hold.

We also have our Adjustable Wooden Cane umbrella, which is the best of both worlds. Part umbrella, part cane, so it’s easy to have along with you on rainy days. And because we’ve made it knowing it would be used as a cane, this umbrella has a special, studier frame and even adjustable height.

Whatever your needs, come into the Umbrella Shop so we can help you find the perfect cane or umbrella!