Sometimes it can feel like dressing for rain is a losing battle. It can be tricky to pull off gumboots, rain coats and umbrellas if you feel like your selection looks like something from your childhood closet. But here at the Umbrella Shop, we believe that an outfit destined for rain is just another opportunity to express your style and personality. Have a little fun with your rain gear and make the most of the opportunity to dazzle with your fashion know-how!

Umbrella: Call us crazy, but the umbrella is the most vital part of any rain gear. Not only does it keep your head dry and prevent moisture-related hair snafus, but it’s also the most noticeable part of any outfit when battling drizzle. Take this chance to pick an umbrella that is colourful or quirky, speaking to your style or mood. If office politics means you need to keep a lower profile, this usually doesn’t apply to umbrellas, so you can go as wild or as tame as you want! Of course, there’s something to be said for an understated black umbrella, which is timeless and classy all its own.

Rain Coat: While some people choose just to wear a raincoat and not supplement with an umbrella, (which we think is crazy!), there are some valid considerations to make before purchase. One is style, of course. You want the coat to be part of your outfit, so something very sporty might not suit more professional attire. The other is fabric. Whether you choose Gore-Tex or other repellent materials, consider breathability and comfort when making your purchase. Above all, make sure there is a hood and collar to prevent those dreaded down the neck drips!

Boots: Vital to any rain gear, boots keep toes dry and rain-induced insanity at bay. These days there are countless options to choose from and a variety of styles to appeal to all customers. But we recommend choosing seam-free boots to ensure a great seal and ingrained arch support for long term wear.