There’s something about shows like “How Do They Do That?” that speak to us, making us look at everyday objects and wonder how they came to be. Perhaps you’ve never held your umbrella and wondered what it took to make it, but we assure you that every step of the process is taken with care to ensure that your umbrella isn’t just a work of art, but a time-honoured tradition of quality and care.

Here at the Umbrella Shop, we’re still making umbrellas in our factory at Broadway street in Vancouver with our expert staff trained in making product that resists wind damage and can handle years of use. We wanted to share the secrets behind our business so that you know how your Umbrella Shop umbrella came to be!

Step one: The Pattern. Depending on the umbrella, we cut the pattern from the fabric by hand and ensure all the right pieces are in place before sewing. We have a small selection of well-curated bolts of fabric in the factory. We order patterns and colours on a per order basis, since our tiny factory can’t accommodate much more than that! But we pride ourselves on selection, so the options are endless!

Step two: The steel or fiberglass ribs of the umbrella are constructed and then the material is carefully sewn onto them. We really do use the same sewing machines that we used in 1935!

Step three: Tips are added to each point to protect from impact and wear and tear.

Step four: The handle is added to make the unique pieces of work we call umbrellas!

Step five: Expose to rain and admire on the street!