Here at the Umbrella Shop, we pride ourselves on offering Vancouverites, Canadians and the world a variety of umbrella styles and designs to suit anyone’s needs or wants. But we’re excited to announce the launch of our new interchangeable handle umbrellas that allow customers to mix and match to get their very own unique design, with further customization options in various colours and patterns! 


We’ve made the umbrellas nice and small, easy to pack, and simple to operate. The umbrella itself comes in a range of fabric patterns so that men, women and children will all want one of their very own! It’s an easy to open manual style so one quick movement and you’ll be protected from whatever the weather can throw at you, before quickly wrapping it up and tucking it back in your bag. The handles come in three distinct designs; a bamboo-esque straight handle, a classy duck head (for those days you want to channel Mary Poppins) and a comical penguin head for those who want a little hilarity with their rain protection. Whenever the mood strikes, simply unscrew the handle with a few twists of the wrist and your umbrella is easily transformed! These manual umbrellas come in red, forest green, purple, grey white and black, for only $29.95. And if patterns are more your preference, then you can choose from the starlight, garden flowers, purple swirl or midnight roses design for just $34.95. The customizable options are endless!

Other than their unique design, what also makes these umbrellas special is how they came to be. The Umbrella Shop owner, Corry Flader, is a third-generation umbrella designer but this latest line was created in partnership with her son, Matty, making the fourth-generation Flader to keep the business going! This line marks the collaboration between mother and son to come up with yet another high quality product that sets us apart from any competitors and keeps us on the forefront of innovation in the umbrella market.

So come down to one of our three locations, pick out your special umbrella and several more for family and friends. Then switch, swap and exchange handles to make your own!