With the damaged ozone layer and a blazing hot sun, it can be tempting to laze outside and soak up the rays when the weather warms up and flowers are in bloom. Although Vancouver is often considered temperate in climate, residents know that our summers get awfully toasty, making it uncomfortably warm when all you want is to enjoy the outdoors while sipping a Mai Tai from your backyard or patio balcony. That’s where our patio umbrellas come in.

We make all of our patio umbrellas right here in our Broadway location by our skilled sewing team. Since each one is handmade to order, customers come in and pick out all the details of their umbrella from start to finish. We have countless sun-filtering materials to choose from, with so many patterns, colours and textures to, you’ll be spoiled for choice! After you pick the material, choose your ticking to trim the umbrella, whether you want the same colour or a contrast to spruce up your backyard or patio. You’ll also get to pick the edging (scalloped? Straight? Café style?), height and tilt to make for a truly customized option. Prefer a manual open? We can do that. Want the ease of a crank to open the umbrella? We can do that too. Finally, the last choice is size. We can make your umbrella big or small, whatever you need to suit your space.

As our umbrellas are special orders, be sure to place yours soon so you won’t be baking in the summer heat! For more information, check out our patio umbrella information page.