Here at the Umbrella Shop, we take time and care to make each umbrella to our high standards, ensuring that they are durable, beautiful and timeless. Although we carry umbrellas at all price points, some cost more than others considering the materials used, the craftsmanship involved and the detail of the finished product.

If you’re a fan of online reading, then you may have seen this Globe and Mail article on the Slow Goods Movement, a trend towards making purchases that can be seen as valued heirlooms to be treasured, not just throwaway items that break down after two uses. Here at the Umbrella Shop, we’ve taken stock of the Slow Goods Movement and are excited to see customers valuing the time, effort and care we put into making our umbrellas.

Although we sell directly from our three shop locations in Vancouver and our online shop, we also sell our umbrellas through several trusted stockists who know the value of what we have to offer. . 

Some of us are happy with an umbrella that simply keeps the rain off our heads (we love the simple ones too!) and others want an umbrella that is a piece of North American art, constructed by a company that knows what lasts. Ultimately, the Slow Goods Movement supports the environment, with less lower quality products filling up our dumps, while simultaneously supporting Canadian-made products.

Come in today to pick out your newest treasure!