We make countless umbrella options here at the Umbrella Shop, so we can be sure that we have something to offer every member of the family, ever friend and acquaintance, and each business looking to brand their umbrella. But we also keep our pulse on fashion trends so that your umbrella can be a compliment of your personality and style while also serving the intended function of keeping you dry. We’ve rounded up the biggest umbrella fashion trends that we’ve seen strolling the rainy streets this year:

1. Animal Prints

Nothing makes for a wild rain experience like a little leopard print! Our bestseller, the house brand two fold, comes in a variety of leopard prints to put you on the cutting edge of fashion while being the strongest folding umbrella on the market. Grr!

2. Bubble Clear Umbrellas

We see them everywhere on the street and customers LOVE the Bubble Umbrella. The dome shape keeps you dry while the clear material means you won’t be bumping into anyone on the street. Best of all, your outfit will show through!

3. The "Fit in Your Purse" Umbrella

There’s something to be said for an umbrella than can fit almost anywhere, which is why we created the Skinny Mini, designed to be thrown in any bag where it stays teeny tiny until needed. It weighs only 138 grams and comes in a variety of colours and prints.

No matter the umbrella you choose, just ensure that it speaks to your style. That’s why you should own a few!