Business owners know that branding is everything when it comes to marketing and making yourself known in your business sector. Just ask our very own Corry Flader, who still has the iconic Umbrella Shop logo that locals have come to know us by. You always know when someone is carrying an Umbrella Shop piece of art thanks to our logo stamped on the handle.

Sometimes, business owners seek unique ways to build their brand and the Umbrella Shop is here to help. What better way to display your logo and business info than by the millions of people in the world carrying umbrellas down the street? We’re able to take many of our umbrella designs and print them with your custom business logo. We’ve been known to print our patio umbrellas for restaurant owners so they can advertise on the patio while feeding hungry bellies. We’ve made golf umbrellas for corporate sporting events or even just a handful of logo-emblazoned pieces as thank you gifts for staff. Whatever option you choose and no matter how many umbrellas you need, we do our best to accommodate your needs.

Prices vary, as does our ability to print on certain materials and logo colours. But all you have to do is contact us for a quote and we can let you know how your business can sing (and shine!) in the rain.