Summer months bring searing sun and with sun comes potential sun damage, whether you’re laying on the beach or strolling down the street on a warm day. We all know that skin cancer rates are rising and more often, customers are in search of products, fashion choices and umbrellas that are more than just a physical barrier to damaging sunrays. Many now choose to carry an umbrella or parasol to protect them when the temperature rises.

As most rain umbrellas are designed to be used…well, in the rain, they do not offer the same protection from UV sun damage. While these umbrellas will offer a physical barrier similar to clothing, you can still get a burn. And when used too often in the sun, you could even damage the material of the umbrella, with faster aging and fading of the protective fabric.

Thankfully, at the Umbrella shop, we offer an array of beautiful umbrellas and parasols that have built-in UV protection in the fabric. They come in a variety of beautiful colours and fabrics, iridescent and translucent, and make the perfect style accessory while simultaneously keeping the sun off your face. The Petite UV Parasol can even be used in rain or shine, offering more versatility to your parasol purchase. Or, if you’re looking to life on the beach on your very own patio, our locally-made patio umbrellas are made with sunray blocking material that will save your skin. Of course, we still suggest you wear sunscreen at all times and use our umbrellas as a secondary layer of protection to your sun care routine.

Don’t let your skin suffer when the summer heat hits. Visit your local the Umbrella Shop or see us online to pick your perfect parasol.