We’ve delved into the history of umbrellas, which as it turns out, is more interesting than anyone would think! But there are also a lot of interesting umbrella facts and traditions, that range from interesting to downright strange.

The word umbrella is derived from “umbra,” Latin for “shadow.” This makes a bit of sense, considering umbrellas were originally meant to protect from the sun.

The “Umbrella Man,” who many consider potentially responsible for the Kennedy assassination, is still unknown to authorities that found him in many photos carrying an umbrella, despite perfectly, clear weather. Hmm.

In the US, the umbrella market is more than $350 million per year. Wowza.

There are countless patents for strange umbrella ideas, but the strangest to us seems to be the Nubrella, which fits over your head and shoulders like a clear, underwater diver dome. Just Google it and see if you can stop from giggling at the images.

The Personal Rain Saver is an umbrella that looks upside down…protecting you from rain while collecting the precious water in a bladder worn like a purse. This invention didn’t take off. Shocking.

Men didn’t use umbrellas until the late 1700s. It was considered feminine. (Since when did dryness coincide with masculinity?!)

Umbrellas have also served as contraband holders, with handles easily stuffed with knives, drugs, liquor and other little secrets.

Christo, the artist, made a beautiful exhibit of giant (nearly 9 foot canopy) yellow and blue umbrellas throughout Japan and California. The exhibit was closed when an umbrella blew over and killed a woman.