In a previous post, we talked about our corporate umbrellas and how they can be used to brand your business. But we wanted to take a look at the use of umbrellas as promotion tools, yet another method to build brand voice and set corporate customers apart from others in similar fields. By choosing an umbrella as a promotional tool, you’re giving a piece of your brand that will be seen again and again, not to mention, cherished by the receiver.

Printed materials with a company logo serve several purposes. Firstly, it is another place to make a company mark. We’ve all learned in advertising that the more repetitive the image, the better it sticks in the minds of consumers. So if your promotional umbrella is printed with your company’s name and/or logo, others will see it on the street (not to mention the umbrella user!) and it speaks for itself.

A promotional umbrella also makes a great gift for fellow business people, supporters and contractors who help to build your brand. Unlike other promotional gear, such as key chains, bottle openers, and other items that many people just throw out, an umbrella is a useful item that the receiver will use again and again, thinking about your business every time they open the canopy.

Lastly, having promotional umbrellas on hand says you care about your customers and the people you do business with, especially when it’s a well-made piece like the ones we sell. And of course, all our standard repair guarantees are extended to your customers (inherently, our customers too!), so your single investment could serve for years.

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