There are so many heartwarming traditions out there, and here at the Umbrella Shop, we know all about tradition thanks to our family-owned umbrella business started in 1935. We got to thinking how umbrellas have entrenched themselves in so many traditions across the world. We’ve highlighted some of the interesting ones for you here!

Brides have been using umbrellas or parasols initially as a method to provide shade, but now out of cultural traditions, especially popular in Asian and French cultures.

In New Orleans, it is tradition for a married couple to do a second line parade, where the couple and guests hoist decorated umbrellas in a street parade to celebrate the day.

In Buddhist religion, umbrellas represent the Earth and are often used in processionals and ceremonies.

Under the collar of cocktail umbrellas, you can find snippets of newspaper to act as a spacer, indicating the origin. (Think of that the next time you sip a mojito!)

In Bali, umbrellas are used in religious ceremonies, with the colour of the umbrella noting the type of event taking place.

During Lantern Festival Days, the Chinese Official Umbrella Dancing Team roll and twist umbrellas into a stunning mixture of art.

In Japan, umbrellas were often used by stage performers in Kabuki plays.