Here at the Umbrella Shop, there are many intricacies that separate us from other umbrella companies. We like to think our umbrellas speak for themselves, but we also thought we’d take the time to highlight a few reasons why we think we stand out from the crowd.

A Stellar Umbrella
First and foremost, we make great umbrellas. Quality matters to us, which is why we make many of our umbrellas at our Broadway location in the middle of Vancouver. Other umbrellas are made overseas but those factories are routinely inspected by Corry, the owner of the Umbrella Shop, who travels there regularly to ensure that her specifications for quality are being met at every turn.

Our Repair Promise
If your umbrella needs repair, even if that means a brand new frame (at a max cost of $10), we will fix it as long as the material is mold-free and in good shape. We stand behind our products and want you to know that your investment, be it for a $20 folding umbrella or a $100 custom, we want you to treasure your umbrella for years to come. And remember, you don’t need your receipt. We know our goods!

Time Honoured Traditions
We happen to think that our experience in the umbrella business is also what sets us apart from the competition. We’ve been in operation since 1935, opened by the current owners’ grandfather. We still make umbrellas on our 1930s sewing machines, using our experience to create beautiful umbrellas. Since the day we opened, we’ve also committed ourselves to outstanding customer service with staff that know the products and care about customers. We think it shows with repeat buyers and staff who have become family.

You name it, we have it. Bubble umbrellas. Domestic prints. Stick. Folding. Wind-proof. Sun protection. And if we don’t have it, you can make it thanks to our custom umbrellas, designed with you in mind.

So come by the shop, pick out your own and see why our quality umbrellas make all the difference.