Each season, here at the Umbrella Shop, we love to take a seat and assess what’s selling in line with fashion trends. Many of our shoppers see their umbrella as an extension of who they are and the fashion statement they like to make in the rain or sun.

When the leaves start to brown and summer turns to fall, we start seeing a different type of umbrella ring up at the cash register, as opposed to all those patio umbrellas and parasols. While we sell many UV protection umbrellas when the sun shines, fall tends to make shoppers crave deep colours, bigger umbrellas and a style all their own.

These are the umbrellas we’re seeing make a big splash this fall.

Printed Anything

Be it our printed domestic umbrellas or house brand two-fold, our umbrellas come in a wild variety of colours and prints to accommodate a wide range of style preferences. But in the fall we see people buying wine-hued florals and anything with burnt oranges and blues in order to boost the mood slump that can come with rain (although rain tends to make us happy at the Umbrella Shop!).

Folding Umbrellas

Those headed back to school want something that is easy to stow in their backpack yet durable against the raging winds that come with fall. We’ve got you covered with an extensive selection of folding umbrellas that are strong, durable, and a wide selection of patterns.

The Plain Black Stick

Nothing is more popular than our plain, black stick umbrellas. We carry a few different varieties but shoppers, business people especially, seem to enjoy the professionalism of a plain black umbrella that does all the talking for you and lets the owner take centre stage.