Whether or not you’re a lover of Valentine’s Day, it’s hard not to get caught up in all those romantic feelings. Whether you’re part of a couple or celebrating love with your roommates or family, we feel umbrellas should be part of the love too.

In the spirit of St. Valentine, we thought we’d highlight the perfect love umbrellas to help you celebrate in style.

Golf Umbrella
There’s nothing that speaks of chivalry more than offering your umbrella to your loved one. Although we all like the idea of huddling under the same canopy, someone is always getting dripped on in this scenario, and what’s the point in sharing if both of you end up soaked? Let us help solve this problem with a giant golf umbrella. When wielded properly, it keeps both lovers dry. Who knows what sparks will fly under our perfect marriage of sturdy construction and stylish design?!

Heart Umbrella
Need we say more? Really speak to the season with one of our heart umbrellas that just scream Valentine’s Day. How are those home fires supposed to keep burning if you don’t protect them from the rain?

Pink, Red, and maybe some more pink
Hearts. Love. Valentines. Chocolate boxes. Roses. They all come in pink and red this time of year, so why not carry that trend on to your umbrella purchase? We offer such a wide selection of Valentine’s-themed colours, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Art Print Stick
St. Valentine is said to have possessed the gift of returning sight to blind people, allowing them to once again explore the beauty of the outdoors, art, and the faces of the ones they love. Our Art Print Sticks harken back to the days of Monet and van Gogh. Oh, and did we mention we have one with cherubs on it? Umbrellas don’t come more love-filled than that!