Day of the Week Umbrella

Here at the Umbrella Shop, we all own a hilarious number of umbrellas, and it’s not just because we get a discount! We genuinely love what we do and we love the products we create, so it would make sense we would want to own a whole raft of them. But sometimes you want a certain kind of rain protection on a specific day. So we thought we’d look at our favourite umbrellas for each day of the week.

We think you need seven different options too….at least.

No one likes Mondays and whether it is raining or not, a black cloud hangs over the start of the workweek. These days beckon for a plain, black stick umbrella. Classic. Sombre. Serious business. Sigh, Mondays.

Tuesday is that day of the week that seems to be without a claim to fame. It’s nowhere near the weekend and yet it isn’t Monday either. We suggest something bright yet classic. A domestic solid stick umbrella perhaps. One step up from Monday’s gloom, showing signs of positivity, yet understated.

Hump Day! It’s all downhill from Wednesday on, so we suggest rain protection that speaks to possibilities. Our cloud-patterned umbrella is just the thing to perk up the middle of the week.

It’s almost the weekend. You have plans to relax, go out for meals, socialize and maybe read a good book. You have spring in your step, which begs for an easy to carry folding umbrella in a snazzy pattern. Our house brand two fold is just the ticket.

Last day of the workweek! Carefree fun awaits you, so we suggest a little bit of silly with these clear plastic bubble umbrellas. They’re all the rage all over the world, and we sell a lot of these little numbers. It helps that you don’t have to worry about bumping into anyone one your rush home.

Saturday, Sunday, or any day for that matter
You’ve been waiting for this respite all week, so Saturdays and Sundays are perfect for claiming your style outside of the workplace, whether that comes in neutral simplicity or wildly patterned uniqueness. Our domestic stick line of umbrellas are made right here in Vancouver with some of the most dazzling designs around. Pick your favourite and chill out with that cozy cup of coffee.