It’s our experience that our customers have a preference for their favourite umbrella style, and so who are we to try to steer them in one direction or another? We’ve already looked at the pros and cons of manual versus automatic umbrellas and folding versus stick, but what about fiberglass or steel ribs? We bet that isn’t a battle you’ve waged in your mind.

When buying an umbrella, few people think about the construction of the ribs (except for us, of course). Shoppers are often more concerned with the size of the canopy, the ease of use and of course, the colour or pattern to suit their style. But when buying an umbrella you intend to keep for a while, the choice of fiberglass or steel ribs is one to serious consider, with pros and cons for each.

Everyone knows that fiberglass is an amazingly strong and yet flexible material, which makes it an excellent product for umbrella ribs. This material is used in everything from kayaks to fishing line, so you know that fiberglass has some serious give. Ribs made of this material are able to flex in the wind (making flipped inside out umbrellas a thing of the past…or easily flipped right again) and they also make for an incredibly light product, which makes you more likely to pack your umbrella if it won’t weight down your luggage or purse. Fibreglass ribs are also less prone to cracking.

There’s a reason steel is such a well-used product, mostly for its durability. Our steel ribbed umbrellas can stand a test of time and are able to withstand some seriously frightening weather situations, especially in our patio umbrellas. But it does have less flexibility and is more likely to get damaged if you are rough on your umbrella.

So choose carefully and buy an umbrella that suits the climate you live in!