Like any product that is made or exported, umbrellas are unique to the country of origin. With changes from materials to styles, patterns to fabrics, each country has their own preference for the perfect umbrella.
Here at the Umbrella Shop, we decided to explore the perfect umbrella for every country, and compare that with one that we have for sale in our very own shop!

Canada spans such a wide range of climates that choosing one umbrella for all can be a serious challenge (might we suggest buying several in various colours?). But in Vancouver, we know that persistent drizzle is a common issue, as is thick snow that can soak through a coat just as fast as a downpour.
Our prescription: Domestic House Stick
With a wide range of colours and patterns to appeal to any and all customers, our Domestic House Stick is everything a weather-conscious Canuck could ask for. It has a nice, wide canopy, strong ribs and a timeless style that will take you from drizzly Vancouver to the wet snow of Ottawa. Plus, we make it right here in Canada. What else could you want?

Southeast Asia
This region is no stranger to wild monsoon weather, making umbrellas a standby for both withstanding the heat and simultaneously managing sweeps of heavy rain. Because of the winds in this area, residents need highly durable material that also has flexibility to move with the winds.
Our prescription: The Iridescent House Brand
Large enough for two, the large canopy on this model makes for cozy protection. The shiny material makes even the gloomiest day seem bright, while the fiberglass ribs can stand against rough winds. The stick model also makes it durable and the auto open is nice for instant dry access!

With so many desert climates, we often don’t think of citizens in these regions as being in need of a good umbrella. But we often forget that the Chinese were some of the first to develop umbrellas as sun protection, something that is more and more important with the degradation of the climate.
Our prescription: UV Parasol
Packed with UVA and UVB protecting material, these parasols ensure a reduction in skin damage and filtering of harmful rays. Skin stays freckle free and healthy, although we still recommend sunscreen!