With the arrival of spring comes the wedding season, complete with festivals, conferences and events to spark a million ideas to help celebrate your special day. Often it is the smaller details that can make a wedding day special, and we happen to think that umbrellas make for excellent wedding additions, in several different ways.

If you’ve been to a wedding this decade, then you know that the popularity of photo booths are on the rise. They offer an opportunity to crack up guests and provide lasting memories for the brides and grooms. When it comes to buying props for your photo themes, we think umbrellas make for the perfect choice. Open or closed, colourful or plain, there’s something about an umbrella that lights up a photo.

Take for example, this beautiful couple, who used rainbow-coloured umbrellas to celebrate PRIDE for the LGBTQ community.

Beautiful Bride
When wedding season rolls around, we start seeing a lot of brides come into the Umbrella Shop. Whether on the hunt for a sun-protecting parasol or a tame umbrella for two, brides everywhere know that not only do our items make for perfect pictures, but they also protect from both sun and rain on your special day. We carry beautiful parasols scalloped in lace and other trims, or a classic stick umbrella to stand out against the white dress.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Umbrellas make awesome party favours for wedding guests. Think of all the useless candy-coated almonds, pieces of dried fruitcake and packets of labeled matches you’ve scored at weddings over the years. We guarantee you threw these out or ate them…then regretted it.

With our custom umbrella options, couples can easily print their names and wedding date on the canopy, so each time one of your former guests sees a looming rain cloud, they’ll think of your happy day. Useful AND beautiful.