If you’re a lover of Netflix, then you’ve been introduced to the Mr. Selfridge series, which depicts the famous Selfridge’s store in London, which became notorious for their wildly creative window displays. Wares were displayed in a way that beckoned people to come shop and explore while also encouraging window shoppers to connect a story with their purchase. We believe in the power of a great shop window, which is why you’ll always find unique decorations in the windows of our three shop locations.

The lady behind most of these stellar creations is Amanda, a long time staff member with a penchant for the creative and an uncanny ability to delight. Each week she strives to create new images, stories and vignettes for passersby to appreciate, and she continually astounds us with her ability to pair colours and patterns to express our thoughts and stories of the shop.

If you think this doesn’t sound like a challenge, then try to imagine coordinating several unwieldy items into some kind of cohesive display. We aren’t selling tiny pieces of jewellery that are easily displayed on shelves, but rather, umbrellas often need to be open to be appreciated for all their beauty, which makes arrangement nothing sort of a challenge. And with so many colours, handle choices and variety, options can be overwhelming while easily clashing with one another. To say the very least, Amanda often has her work cut out for her.

Take, for example, one of our November windows from last year. Amanda wanted to bring awareness to Movember in support of prostate cancer, so she used upturned umbrellas and cutout moustaches to don around the window at our Broadway location.

In a feat of Christmas festivity, Amanda has forged some creative techniques to showcase not only umbrellas as gifts, but themes of green and red or wintery scenes celebrated under the protection of your favourite umbrella!

When there isn’t a season or holiday that begs for attention, Amanda gathers umbrellas in similar colours, shapes and sizes and finds new ways to hang them from the ceiling, from the wall, or balanced on a stool. You name it, she’s found a way to make it happen.

We promise that our window fronts will make you want to come in and browse around, if not just to experience the nostalgia of a shop that still believes in storytelling and magic.