It’s an age-old battle between umbrella lovers. Do you buy an automatic opening umbrella or a manual one? Which one will last longer, work better, be the easiest to use? So many questions and decisions. Allow us to guide you in the right (and driest) direction, as each option has their pros and cons.

Some users swear by the ease of the automatic umbrella. It pops up effortlessly, often with just the push of a button, making it easier to get out of the car without having to manhandle with your rain protection. Some models even close with the touch of a button too, so you can don your parasol with little to no effort. Because of their built in mechanism, automatic umbrellas tend to feel like they close more smoothly.

However, automatic umbrellas have their downsides. When opening and closing, they have been known to spray innocent bystanders, so use caution! Also, because automatic models have an added mechanism, they are prone to a shorter lifespan, as the more working parts, the more things that can go wrong. (But don’t worry…we do excellent repair work too!)

Manual umbrellas, on the other hand, are another great option when picking the perfect model for you. Be it folding or stick, manual umbrellas give the owner all the power! Open and close at will (with no accidental openings when sat on or adjusted) and very few parts with the potential for damage, meaning your manual umbrella will likely last longer.

So the next time you’re on the hunt for the perfect manual or automatic umbrella, check out our Classic Manual Stick and the House Automatic Stick to compare the two!