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Halloween is fast approaching, full of parties, events, and spooky good times. Halloween is also a chance to be someone you aren’t, to celebrate the scary and let’s be honest…to score some serious candy.

That said, it’s also a prime time for rain, and many Vancouverites find themselves trapped in rainy weather while trying to make a great costumed impression. So why not conjure a costume that incorporates an umbrella as an accessory? We thought we’d round up some of the perfect umbrella-based costumes for your next Hallow’s Eve.

Mary Poppins
Need we say more? Mary Poppins is known for her umbrella, complete with bird head. And thankfully, our interchangeable head umbrellas offer that exact design! You can also use one of our stick umbrellas and add your own parrot design! This is also a super simple costume to create from home. Just a long skirt, white blouse, red ribbon, and snazzy hat. Of course, don’t forget the black umbrella.

Bat, Pegasus, or winged creature!
Call us crazy, but we’ve seen some amazing bat wings made from old black umbrellas! There are lots of Pinterest designs out there that show how to take an old umbrella and use the ribs and fabric to make webbing between shirt and sleeve.

This is an amazing way to stand out! Use strings, material and fabric tied to the tips of your umbrella to make a swishy jellyfish suit! You can choose a bunch of different colour options too, and make it as realistic or funky as you want. Bubble umbrellas are great for this too!

Raining Cats and Dogs
Not up for too much “dressing up?” Let the umbrella do all the talking for you. Simply glue or sew some stuffed animals onto your umbrella, whichever one you choose, and Bob’s your uncle!