It’s official. Fall is here, and with fall in the Vancouver area, rain arrives. It’s also wet season in many areas around the world, and it’s always a busy time for us here at the Umbrella Shop. What can we say…we love rain!

It’s also the season for tons of fun events that bring us together to celebrate, like Thanksgiving and Halloween! With fall comes a new celebration of darker hues, warm patterns and colours. We like to take this time to celebrate all things autumn with these favourites from our umbrella collection.

Art Print Stick Pansies
Our Art Print Stick umbrellas come in so many beautiful designs and colours that you’ll be spoiled for choice. But we happen to think the Pansies one is best for fall. The deep pinks and warm oranges blend right in for fall, while the fancy flowers and foliage will hearken back to days of spring.

Maple Leaf House Brand Two Fold
Need an umbrella that can stash in your bag? The House Brand Two Fold is perfect for packing and travelling, while also offering great canopy coverage. Our latest pattern, the Maple Leaf, is the ultimate Canadian rain warrior! With a choice of red, white or black background, you’ll be ready for wet weather with these ultimate umbrellas.

Blue Puppies Kid Stick
Lets not forget the little ones, and what’s not to love about this fun pattern with a stunning background?! The blue coloured background brings a little life to rainy days, while the adorable puppies (with their own stylish umbrellas) will make everyone smile. And best of all, it’s dotted with colour and will make kids dive for those puddles. We won’t judge the adults who also want this special number.

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