Here at the Umbrella Shop, we know that it takes all kinds to make a collection. That’s why we offer big and small, heavy and light, folding and stick, pattern and colour. Everyone once in a while, we like to take the time to highlight some of our particular umbrella lines, and this week, we want to showcase our Manual Folding style, which we think is worth a little spotlight.

Our Manual Folding is the perfect size for everyday use. With a 34-inch canopy, it’ll keep you nice and dry without being oversized. Without an automatic mechanism and a nice, small handle, we’re able to design this little number weighing less than a pound! It won’t weight down your luggage and it won’t be too heavy to hold in the worst of weather.

What we think you’ll love best about the Manual Folding umbrella is that it comes in countless colours, patterns and designs. With designs that will appeal to kids, adults, men and women, there’s endless selection. And with a low cost of just $39-44 dollars, you can have one for every day of the week and every possible outfit coordination.

So the next time you get caught in the rain, grab a Manual Folding and get stylin’!