For those who have patio umbrellas, the arrival of the rainy weather means it’s time to close up shop and bring your umbrella indoors along with your other fall clean up. Whether used for sun protection or a little added comfort from rainy drizzle, your patio umbrella will see a longer life, just like your personal umbrella, if it is properly cared for and stored accordingly.

Since we live on the “wet coast,” taking care of your patio umbrella is especially important. So we’ve rounded up some end-of-season tips so you can enjoy your patio year after year, protected from harsh sunrays and enjoying our quality, house-made umbrellas well into the future.

Step 1

Wait for a dry day. You certainly don’t want to put your patio umbrella away wet! The best advice is to wait for a day of either sun (we know that this time of year, those days are hard to find!) or a gentle breeze. Open the umbrella fully and allow it to air dry completely before storage.

Step 2
Remove any stains. We recommend a gentle solution of warm, soapy water for any stubborn stains, using a non-detergent soap like Dove. Then, using a soft brush remove any mould, dirt or other detritus that has accumulated over the season. Ensure you check the spokes and seams to keep debris clear. Allow to dry.

Step 3
Wrap. Remove your patio umbrella from the metal post and furl it neatly as you would a personal umbrella, ensuring that the frame doesn’t fold in on itself or overlap. This ensures your fabric won’t be wrinkled next year.

Step 4
Store it. If you can’t bring the umbrella indoors for storage, invest in a cover, wrap it and ensure it is secure for rain and snow. If you can bring it inside, the process is simpler and you can simply prop it somewhere safe where it won’t bend or lose shape. A cover is also advisable though to protect from dust and vermin.

Follow these tips and next year your patio umbrella will be good as new and ready for spring!