For some, there’s nothing more stressful than the holidays. Between figuring out the politics of who to buy for, not to mention picking out the perfect present, the struggle is real, folks. Here at the Umbrella Shop, we see all kinds of gift-buyers sweeping through our doors, from the last-minute panic to the well-thought-out statement selection.

We like to think that the Umbrella Shop has something for everyone and all budgets. Of course in all gift giving cost is an issue; because we would love to buy for all the special people in our lives, but credit card bills tally up and make for a shocking January statement. And then there’s the what. What do you buy for the person who has everything? For the fashionista? For the practical person? The dog walker? The postal worker? Guess what. Everyone could use an umbrella, and this goes double and triple for those on the wet west coast. So have no fear, thankfully, the Umbrella Shop is to the rescue!

Budget Friendly
We have several models that are still excellent quality umbrellas but as a low price point. An ability to do without bells and whistlers, like wooden shafts and automatic open and close features, we’re able to strip down the umbrella to high-quality basics that get the job done in style. Check out our Manual Folding umbrellas, at just $29.95 and up (and choose your own handle to match!) and the Basic Stick at $34.95. A variety of colours and easy open and close features make these models a great budget-friendly option.

For Fashion Lovers and Locavores
We like to think that there’s an umbrella for every outfit, and cruising our selection will confirm that for you. Our special recommendation in this case would be our Domestic House Print Stick. This stunning collection has such a range of colours and patterns and quality wooden construction made right here in Vancouver. Whether your fashion lover likes colour or neutrals, patterns or solids, there’s an umbrella for everyone that’s as local as local gets!

For the “I-Don’t-Know-You-Well” Person
Sometimes, politics demand you buy a gift for someone you don’t know well. Like corporate Secret Santa’s or that person you’ve only been dating for a month. Don’t worry! We can help. In this case, we recommend the ultimate people pleaser in either our House Two Fold, which has a great selection of patterns and colours in easy folding options, or the House Stick. Both have simple choices that appeal to all ages and genders so you won’t have to worry about clashing with someone’s personality. Plus they’ll end up with something useful and beautiful: a win/win!