At the Umbrella Shop, we keep a pulse on the weather since our business lives and dies by rain! October 2016 was a record-breaking month for Vancouver, as it rained for 28 of 31 days. We’re all accustomed to the wet weather in the Lower Mainland, but sometimes this liquid seeping from the sky can be downright mystifying. The Umbrella Shop decided to round up some interesting facts about the wet stuff and how it impacts our lives.

·      Believer it or not all rain is made of water. On some other planets, rain falls as sulfuric acid or even iron. There’s not an umbrella in the world protecting you from that, folks.

·      It’s a constant battle once a downpour begins. We’ve all seen the “rain shuffle,” in which sprinkling water has people running or walking, depending on what they feel will get them less wet. Some believe that walking means you will run into less drops, while others advocate running since you spend less time exposed. The scientists have weighed in and it seems in the battle of walk versus run, running wins.

·      Raindrops come in a variety of shapes, not just that quintessential teardrop. With everything from parachutes to circles, raindrops change shape depending on speed, velocity and a variety of other factors.

·      Red Rain occurs when there is a lot of dust in the air that collects with the water, making it coloured as it falls. This happens in polluted countries especially, and sure makes for some strange photos!

·      When you hear the ping and pop of water, it’s actually air bursting the bubbles.