We love umbrellas for countless reasons. They keep us dry, they come in so many styles and colours and they are beautiful while also serving a purpose, but a largest factor in our umbrella love is the elements of nostalgia and whimsy.

Umbrellas harken back to the days of yesteryear when there was a little more effort that went into getting dressed in the morning. There were things to consider, like gloves, hats, corsets and of course, umbrellas and parasols. Back then there were simple shapes but parasols often had a little added flair, be that in their fabric or the cut edge. Of course, the parasol or umbrella also served a purpose, but many recognized they were also a chance to let their style flag fly.

Which brings us to our latest obsessions; the Pagoda Umbrella! If you’ve never checked out this dazzling number, we encourage you to explore it here or to really appreciate the craftsmanship, to visit the store. The Pagoda is a stick umbrella that comes in six different colours, from wild red to tame navy and black. But what the colours share is a fantastic shape that will make you feel like you’re under an old-fashioned big top! With a sharp pointed tip and a special curvature of the frame, there’s a little bit of old school in the Pagoda model.

What’s best is that the Pagoda is also a truly useful and practical umbrella. With a price point of just $34.95, it’s easily affordable and the stick shape means it is classic and refined. The scooping handle makes it easy to hang off your arm or bag strap, and the wooden design gives a nice in-hand feel. With a nice and wide 40-inch canopy, you’ll be kept dry under any conditions and the lightweight aluminum frame keeps it under a pound.

So the next time you need a little magic and whimsy in your life and the rain starts to fall, the Pagoda should be your next purchase!