At the Umbrella Shop, we’ve always been advocates for repairing umbrellas. We’re one of very few places who won’t tell you just to buy a new one (although that’s always an option)! And we don’t skimp on quality to keep you coming back again and again for a new purchase. Instead, we like to think that if the fabric is still in great condition, we can fix it. At the very least, we’ll try, and the max cost of $15 (for our umbrellas only), you know you’re getting a deal.

So let us break it down for you. If your Umbrella Shop umbrella seams rip. Free. Tips fall off? Free. Tie-ins torn? Yup…also free! Most other repairs cost $5 And entire frame repairs are only $15, and we’ll even fix your umbrellas we didn’t make. (Cost will apply.) Please be aware that we only recommend repairing a vintage brollie if it has sentimental value.

But as the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and the same can be said for umbrellas. Proper care and maintenance will mean longevity for your purchase and fewer repairs. So we have some extra care tips to keep your rain deflector in top-notch condition.

Keep it dry. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…the saddest thing you can do to your umbrella is bundle it up wet without giving it a chance to dry. Drying it out each time after use helps to maintain the fabric and prevent mould and creases.

Avoid heat. When storing your umbrella when not in use, we advise keeping it away from direct heat sources, like vents or heaters. Prolonged heat exposure can warp wooden umbrellas and damage or alter fabric.

Protect the vulnerable underbelly. If you have a metal frame, usually aluminum, then like all metals, it is prone to rust. Try to keep water from touching the underside of your umbrella or if water does get in, wipe it down with a dry cloth and allow to air dry as normal. This will keep your frame in tip-top shape.

Easy does it. Don’t go snapping open your umbrella willy nilly! Be careful and gentle so that the frame and other working mechanisms are properly handled each time you open and close.