As a local and small company, the Umbrella Shop is proud of both the products and the services we offer. Which is why we're always so pleased as punch when other companies and media organizations single us out for providing beautiful and quality umbrellas.

We thought we'd round up some of the latest media shares and stories that have featured our work!

Georgia Straight
We love the Georgia Straight, who always has their pulse on what's happening in the Lower Mainland. They featured our umbrellas recently as the best place to find an umbrella (always great to shop local!)
You can check out the feature here!

Global News
We were lucky to be featured on Global News! Charlotte outlines the latest and greatest umbrellas and which ones will best suit your lifestyle and of course, some umbrella etiquette tips!

The Elegant Wedding Blog
We've long touted the benefits of our umbrellas for wedding photography. Not only do we have beautiful white umbrellas (for two!) and parasols, but they add a little sense of nostalgia and whimsy to photos. Elegant Wedding Magazine did a recent spread using some of our umbrellas, and you can see and read all about it here.