If you live in a rainforest like we do, then you’re no stranger to chronic sadness that can arrive with the sprinkle of rain that doesn’t end until late spring, in part due to the shortening of sun time and the arrival of darkness at 4pm. Constant darkness and rainy weather inevitably keeping us indoors, is a recipe for frustration. That’s where umbrellas come in…allowing you to hit the streets in style and escape the inside doldrums.

Whatever the cause, rainy weather can get us all down, unless, of course, you work at, or own an umbrella factory. What can we say…The Umbrella Shop loves rain! But we recognize others might not feel the same way, which is why we want to showcase our happiest, most colourful, most fanciful umbrellas to help battle weather blues. So the next time rain gets you down, pop open one of these umbrellas and banish darkness by blinding it with light and beauty!

Domestic Stick Vintage Sage
This stylish number just screams colour and fun! The beautiful golden pattern is somehow classic, and yet the bold choice of metallic and green brings lightness to the rain. You won't feel like you're hiding under a cloud of shadow!

Bubble Stick
It’s hard to be miserable with a Bubble umbrella, which is entirely see through and shaped like a perfect dome over your noggin. On top of being playful and a throw back to your childhood, Bubbles have no actual colour and therefore allow all natural light to filter through and brighten that miserable weather.

Maple Leaf Madness
Poor weather is time to bring your most Canadian self to the streets! These patterned umbrellas will lighten your patriotic heart while keeping you nice and dry. What’s to be sad about with that?