Here at the Umbrella Shop, we're incredibly lucky to have some amazing staff on hand. Most of our customers know that service is on the top of our priority list (on top of quality!) and we couldn't do that without our staff, who are really more like family. We're lucky in that many of our employees have stayed with us for years, so our traditions and passions are carried on through their work and we want to introduce you to some of them!

Charlotte is our Sales Manager, who has now been with the shop for the last EIGHT YEARS! When she isn't on the phone with customers or answering questions in the factory, she can still sell a mean umbrella in the shop itself, as her knowledge of our umbrellas is nothing short of encyclopedic. We sat down with Charlotte and asked her a few questions about the shop, herself, and of course, umbrellas!

What is your favourite thing about working in the factory?
My fantastic co–workers!!!! Also it is never boring.

Which umbrella is your favourite?
I have different umbrellas for different things. I like to use my Auto House in extreme downpours. I have a Skinny Mini Manual for summer rains and a ton of two-folds for all weather. It also highly depends on what I am wearing that day.

What is a little known umbrella fact/tip/trick you've learned while working at The Umbrella Shop?
How important it is to use the right umbrella for different needs. On and off the bus, long walks in the rain or a long commute all require a different umbrella.

Speaking of different umbrellas, do you prefer folding or stick? Manual or automatic?
If I am using it for on and off the bus, I prefer automatic. If I am going for a long walk in the rain I like a manual umbrella.

What is the best part of your job?
Getting to speak to people all over the world and making their umbrella wishes happen.