The beach is the best place to spend the summer. It’s sunny. It’s warm. The sand offers a cozy spot to catch some rays and read a good book or chill with friends. But the beach can also be skin cancer’s playground, with harsh sunrays damaging skin and making for miserable sunburnt nights that make you regret that seaside afternoon without anything to offer shade.

It's easy to order one of our custom patio umbrellas, but did you know we also make beach umbrellas? The same choices, fabrics, edges and sizes are available for beach umbrellas too, making for a nice little shady oasis to offer reprieve from steamy summer.

Our average beach umbrella is 6.5 feet, meaning there’s lots of space for two people, a cooler, a beach blanket, and more. Of course, we also make them bigger if needed, so the whole family can save their skin. Our beach model is a manual open model and it tilts too, meaning you can protect yourself from the sun as it moves throughout the day without having to re-position in the sand.

While we hear that some beaches offer umbrella rentals, over the summer (not to mention a few summers in a row!) that cost can skyrocket, leaving you with an empty wallet and nothing tangible to show for it. Bringing your own beach umbrella also ensures that you are guaranteed sun protection, without having to wait in line with the thousands of other people who had the same bright idea!

Umbrella or no umbrella, no matter what, be sure to practice safe sun. Most importantly, don’t forget the sunscreen!