Everyone once in a while, we like to feature a new line of our umbrellas that is tickling our fancy. Right now, the Umbrella Shop is in love with our designer umbrellas, full of fancy patterns, understated cool, charisma, fashion…basically, our designer umbrellas will make you look like you strutted off the catwalk and onto rainy streets.

The main feature of our designer umbrellas is the amazing prints and colours. We have our manual folding umbrella with patterns that mimic lace or chain. Or for those who prefer a stick option, we have the Designer Auto Stick that opens and shuts with ease and offers a nice, wide canopy. And their bow and leather patterns come in several colours to perk up any rainy day. You can also get the leather and bow pattern in the Manual Stick, for those who don’t want the added mechanism.

Our favourite in the designer series? It has to be the Boudoir Manual Stick umbrella. In red, bronze, and purple, these snazzy numbers make any day a little more luxurious. They have a nice, wide canopy, nearly 40 inches, and weigh less than a pound, so you won’t feel like you’re having to lug around an anvil on those rainy shower days. These beautiful patterns look like lace, with a lovely, scalloped edge and pretty black polka dots.

So if you feel like your wardrobe needs the designer touch, check out our designer umbrellas and make the rainy streets your catwalk!