Vancouver is known as a place where you can ski and golf, all in the same day. With the mountains looming across the bay and countless spectacular golf courses dotting the lower mainland, it really is the place to play any outdoor sport. But what’s a game of golf without an umbrella? Not to mention, what’s a game of golf in one of the rainiest areas of Canada without an umbrella?

Answer? Golf without an umbrella is like playing without clubs. It just shouldn’t be done. Thankfully, the Umbrella Shop has you covered. We make several oversized umbrellas, all serving well on the course.

With two different layers to allow wind to pass through without flipping inside out, we love the extra large Windgrinder for a game of golf. It offers superb dryness, large canopy to keep you and your clubs dry, and great colours to choose from.

Need we say more? The name is all the info you need. The Jumbo comes in manual, automatic, and has wide 48-inch coverage. It also folds up nice and small and only weighs a pound, with several solid colours to choose from.

Domestic Golf
We can make one just for you! Have a set of clubs you want to match? A favourite windbreaker you don’t want to clash with? Let us customize your golf umbrella so it suits your style and needs.

So you have the umbrella, the clubs, the courses…but can you get your ball out of the rough?