At the Umbrella Shop, we love rain. We know, we know, that might make us seem a little strange. But when you make a living when the weather gets drippy, it only makes sense. That why we made our home in one of Canada’s rainiest cities more than eighty years ago.

That said, we appreciate that not everyone enjoys the rainy season, and everyone knows that spring in Vancouver usually comes with more than our fair share of April showers. So you might as well be prepared to brave the rainy days and we’ve created a small how-to for surviving those days when it feels like Noah should be building an arc.

1. Stay Inside
We don’t advocate this solution, but sometimes you just need to hunker down with a good book and a cup of strong tea. Orders are to don a blanket, sip steamy soup and cuddle any available pets or humans.

2. Brave it with Friends
Sometimes, going out in the rain is like exercise: better done with friends to keep you motivated. Give a call to your friends, grab your umbrellas and raincoats, and go out for a bite to eat. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as watching rain pelt the window of your favourite eatery while you stay snug inside.

3. Embrace it. Love it. Accept it.
Alas, our favourite choice! When inevitable spring rains feel like they’re getting you down, operate like your favourite five-year-old and look at the rain as an opportunity for silliness, not a death sentence on fun. The method is the same: Put on your raincoat, choose your best umbrella from the stand, and most importantly, tug on a good pair of gum boots. The next part of your mission is the most vital:
Go. Jump. In. Puddles.
We’re serious. Whether alone, with friends, with kids, or with your dog, scampering through a muddy puddle will have you reminiscing about the good old days when rain was something to celebrate, not pout about. We promise that after a good minute or two of watery antics, you’ll be at the door counting down the minutes until the forecast calls for more torrential downpours!