At the Umbrella Shop, we feel that umbrellas have more than one use. We use them to protect us from the sun, the rain…heck, around here we even use them as decoration! You only need to see our shop windows to understand.  

When wedding season comes around, we get a lot of brides in looking for their perfect parasol. A parasol can keep the bride shady and dry in hot summer days, preventing makeup from running and hair from wilting. And we also get brides who want to order wedding favours or bridal party gifts, since we’re able to customize umbrellas to suit anyone’s needs.

But many brides also forget to think of their photos that go beyond just the bride and groom. Umbrellas make for amazing photo props, especially when colours, themes and designs are taken into consideration.
In this case, umbrellas have been used to line the aisle, making for the perfect ivory sweep of colour and visual creativity. It adds a whimsy feeling that almost reminds us of Alice in Wonderland.
This couple used umbrellas and tones of the same colour to bring life to their bridal party photos. With the bride and groom sporting a slightly deeper hue of the other umbrellas, they stand out in the centre of the image and make for stunning pictures for everyone.


In this case, the photographer uses the umbrella (our umbrellas, in fact!) to add mystery and mood to his images. The couple wielding the umbrellas used them to highlight the frame, but also the photographer has managed to find a way to let the umbrella itself be a source of light. We like the metaphor!

So the next time you buy your umbrella, think of its other potential uses! Photo props make for something fun for the subject to focus on, so the person having their photo taken doesn’t feel silly mugging for the camera. Just be sure to pick one that speaks to your style, mood, and most of all, your personality!