We sell a wide variety of umbrellas, with something for everyone. Whether you need an umbrella that’s also a cane, a patio umbrella to protect your deck or something for the rain, we have you covered…literally.

One of our most important umbrella tasks is to be one layer of protection for those seeking solace from the sun. Several of our parasols and umbrellas also have UV ray filtering material in them to offer extra protection from what our clothing (or lack thereof!) can’t provide.

So to honour the nicer weather, we’re offering several sun safety tips for the days when the sun is more enemy that welcome addition to your day.

1. Always. Wear. Sunscreen.
We can’t say it enough. This is single-handedly one of the most important steps you can take in your sun protection. Doctors recommend at least SPF 30, and ensure you choose a broad-spectrum product to protect against all different rays of skin-damaging sun.

2. Sun protective clothing
We’re in love with many of the clothing options out there that have sun protection built into the fabric! Many are SPF 50 and offer longer sleeves but sweat-wicking fabric to keep you dry and comfortable in the heat. These shirts, pants and hats offer extra coverage when it is needed the most.

3. Choose shade
We know, we know, sometimes it doesn’t feel as luxurious to sit in the shady spot of the beach while everyone else is out there sizzling in the sun. Finding shade also means you’re often out of the action, off to the side around trees. So your best bet is to be prepared with one of our beach umbrellas so that your shade is portable, stylish, and has built in sun protection in the fabric.

4. Pretty up with a parasol
Parasols aren’t just for weddings! We love parasols because many of our options offer sun protection in the fabric but are also lovely, stylish, and completely portable. Like trying to find shade on the beach, if you walk a lot in your job, a parasol can keep sun off and sunburns at bay.

For more information on sun safety, visit http://www.healthycanadians.gc.ca/healthy-living-vie-saine/environment-environnement/sun-soleil/index-eng.php