At the Umbrella Shop, we read a lot about the rain. We study it. We inspect it. We try to do everything we can to understand Mother Nature so that we can design umbrellas that protect you from her perils.

So when we find other blogs, websites and companies that cater to rain and goodies that go with it, we want to offer our customers the latest and greatest on the rain scene. Below are some of the blogs or websites that we think offer great rainy day information.
No longer in action (since the writers moved back to the UK), but these two quirky bloggers highlight all the perils, action and amazing that comes with living in one of Vancouver’s rainiest cities. And that name: perfection.
Need rain boots for your little one? These inventive little numbers were conceived in Vancouver, and appeared on Dragon’s Den! With a rubber foot and Gore-tex leg, these boots let toddlers run through the rain without tripping on unbending and unforgiving typical rain boots!
This stunning Tumblr reminds us that rain isn’t something to be grumpy about. If we look beyond the misery of rainy weather, there is beauty that reveals itself. You’ll be hypnotized by the dropping rain and condensation-filled windows.
Made in Canada, this company makes some amazing rain boots that we can’t recommend enough, thanks to their sustainable business practices and made-in-Canada mentality. Sturdy, stylish and comfortable, but above all, they will keep you mega dry. And they’re even older than us…Kamik has been around since 1898!
Looking for Canadian raincoats that don’t look childish? Trout Rain Wear has you covered, with stylish options for the whole family. We especially love their rain cape, to set you apart from other rain lovers!