It’s no secret that umbrellas didn’t originate in North America. In fact, although there’s some debate as to whether they were created in Egypt or China, the fact remains that umbrellas have been around for eons, used for everything from hitting up the beach, sun protection, or rainy deluges fit for a flood.
Here at the Umbrella Shop, we like to think that we’ve taken all that is wonderful about umbrellas and turned them into rain-protection perfection, with all the options our customers are looking for. But around the world, cultures and climates have different requirements for what makes the perfect umbrella. We thought we’d take a peek at what sells in other counties and why!

China is home to the oilpaper umbrella, designed to protect fair skin from the sun with stunning decoration painted by talented artists. Today there are still many umbrella artists, many of them now taking to printing on silk and turning umbrellas into stunning pieces of art. China is also known for using sustainable bamboo for the ribs and handle of the umbrella, making for a truly unique piece of cultural heritage.

India is known for colourful umbrellas, and our research shows that times haven’t changed in the eons that the country has been producing such beautiful work. Wedding umbrellas are particularly celebrated here, filled with extensive and beautiful embroidery. But there’s also a keen love for purposeful umbrellas in durable fabrics, thanks to monsoon rains that routinely flood the area.

It’s been our experience that anything goes in Europe and North America for that matter. Many people in these regions see umbrellas as an extension of their fashion choices, so these areas are seeing an influx of designer models made by some of the most upscale fashion designers. But there’s also love of a quality umbrella that does the job right, in simple black stick designs, especially for business professionals.