We’ve featured our children’s umbrellas before, but we can sometimes see families who think an umbrella for a child could be a little pointless. “He’ll just throw it in a puddle.” “She’ll only lose it.” We know that investing in items to outfit your little one, you want to be sure you’re getting not only the best money can buy, but an item that your child will use, treasure, and take care of.
That’s why at the Umbrella Shop, we’re all about kids having their own umbrellas instead of having to tuck under mom and dad’s to do the awkward rain shuffle, in which everyone huddles under one umbrella, no one really stays dry and everyone gets dripped on by the too-small canopy (which always seems to happen, no matter how large the umbrella!). Allowing your child to choose their umbrella makes them appreciate that this choice is specifically theirs, meant to keep them comfortable and dry.

The best way to outfit children with an umbrella is to let them pick their own, but we understand sometimes children have different ideas in mind than cost and utility. Thankfully, we carry our Kid Stick line in a wide variety of colours. But what you might not have seen are our new Puppy Prints, sure to delight any little dog lover.

The Kid Stick in Puppy Print comes in Black and White, Multicolour puppies on White background, or a pale blue background with colourful dogs throughout. At just $25, this is an excellent buy, in the perfect pint size for your child. Safety tips at the end of the points protect tiny eyes while the comfortable curved plastic handle will stand the test of little hands. And for those who fear the pinch of the ribs, there’s a no pinch guard on all our kid models, along with super flexible ribs to stand up to whatever your kid wants to put it through. And with a cozy 26.5 inch canopy, we even have some adults who love these ones!