Sometimes you want to be a little silly. Maybe you want to run through the rain, sit outside with your tongue out to catch snowflakes, or sing some karaoke in a live bar. Whatever fun you want to have, here at the Umbrella Shop, we can’t get enough out of a little novelty in life, especially as it pertains to our umbrellas. We’ve seen everything out there, from umbrellas with ears, wild designs or whimsy clouds to make you think of sunnier days.
We create some excellent novelty umbrellas that we know you’ll love!

Bubble Lovin’
There’s something about our bubble umbrella that makes us feel like kids again! It could be because these are the umbrellas of our youth, when everything plastic was in style! It’s also because there’s no hiding underneath a clear model and you can watch the rain drip down the canopy as though behind a wall of glass.

Clear Prism!
We think these smoke and clear umbrellas are some of the coolest around. They are made from a super thick plastic, which has a neat design patterned into it so it almost looks like metal. But they still offer the same see-through concept for a tribute to those little kid days!

Kids Umbrellas
We’d be lying if we pretended we didn’t sometimes sell our kids umbrellas to adult without kids! Some grown ups can’t get enough of our colourful kids umbrellas that are light, comfortable and still protect from the rain. They also come in a wide variety of fun colours and prints. In particular, many adults love our various puppy prints, with little doggies hiding under their own little umbrellas!

So whenever the rain falls, let your childish dreams fly!