Let’s face it: Umbrellas get dirty. After a season (or in Vancouver, even a day!) of use, umbrellas can get dingy and dreary with rain, dirt, sand, and pollution affecting the beauty of the fabric. The Umbrella Shop prides itself on making umbrellas that last, and we repair all models for an insanely modest price with one caveat…as long as the fabric is in good condition. We recommend asking us about specific details for your umbrella, since we sell several different varieties of fabrics. But since spring cleaning lends itself to lifestyle overhauls, we thought we’d offer some tips and tricks for keeping your umbrella clean and useful, well into the next season!
1.     Brush off any loose dirty with your hand or a gentle brush. This will ensure that no dirty settles into the cracks of your umbrella and nestles in for the long haul! Then give it a rinse off with some fresh, clean water.
2.     Prepare a solution of warm water mixed with a capful of dish soap. Dish soap has a compound that allows it to remove greasy and stuck on dirt, but diluting it keeps it relatively gentle.
3.     Gently scrub the umbrella fabric or handle with a soft sponge. Be careful not to tug or snag and if your efforts are failing, it might be a sign it is time for a new umbrella to make the rounds.
4.     Rinse clean, pop open and dry!

Remember that prevention is the best medicine. The best method for making sure your umbrella stays in super shape is to ensure you let it dry thoroughly whenever it gets wet. Dispel the myth that an open umbrella in the house causes bad luck and pop that baby open in a well-ventilated area. You’ll be singing in the rain in no time!