‘Tis the season for festivals, whether musical, artistic or otherwise! Vancouverites and people around the world are embracing the amazing weather and indulging in a bit of fun. So what happens when it literally rains on your parade? Don’t worry, festival-goers! We have you covered with the Umbrella Shop tips and tricks for not letting a little damp destroy a fun day out.

1.     Bring an umbrella.
Do we have to say it? Colour, pattern, stick, folding—there’s nothing like an umbrella to keep you nice and dry when cruising through a festival. We recommend sticking to something smaller so you don’t bonk other fun-lovers in the head, or block their view. We do not, however, under any circumstances recommend those little hats with umbrellas on them. Wear the hat or the umbrella folks…not both.

2.     Poncho, anyone?
Sometimes an umbrella can be a bit too intrusive, blocking views and taking up too much space when said space is at a premium. Look into some great rain gear, including pants (so you can sit down without a wet bum!) and wear it proudly. Or an easy to pack and easy to don poncho might be right up your alley!

3.     Embrace the wet.
When you think of music festivals, Woodstock comes to mind, and everyone seemed to be singin’ in the rain until their hearts were content. We know, it feels strange to let the rain soak your t-shirt and dampen your hair into rain-induced dreadlocks. But it can also be a little empowering, kinda fun, and all sorts of funny. Just be sure to bring a towel to stay warm.