We’ve long touted the fact that here at the Umbrella Shop, we pride ourselves on work well done and handcrafted umbrellas that not only stand up to the test of time, but also show the pride we take in our work and the love and joy that goes into each piece. We even wrote a post about the Slow Goods Movement, and how we dedicate ourselves to the time-honoured and family traditions that make the umbrellas our customers know and love.

That’s why we’re so pleased to be featured in Montecristo Magazine, a publication that knows high quality products and understands why and how we do business, especially considering we share Vancouver as a home base. Montecristo came to the factory on Broadway to chat with our owner, Corry Flader, so they could see the inner workings of not only the factory, but each umbrella we craft and why we craft it.

We’re proud not only of the work we do, but the quality we provide to customers and the history in each piece of work, which we happen to think are also rain-protecting works of art. So it’s always a pleasure when others appreciate the effort and care and the way we do business.

We hope you enjoy Montecristo’s feature and that you too appreciate and umbrellas well made, right here in Canada.