We know what a challenge it is to find the perfect umbrella. We have many seniors and people with special needs who come seeking an umbrella that is easy to hold, light, and also offers outstanding rain protection. Thankfully, at the Umbrella Shop, we pride ourselves on having excellent staff that can direct you to the perfect model to suit your needs, but coming into the shop isn’t always practical! So we thought we’d outline some of our best models for those with limited movement in their hands and/or limited strength.

There are a few things you want to consider when looking into umbrella models for persons with limited strength and ability in their hands.

Holding up a heavy umbrella just doesn’t work for many of us, and that makes weight a big consideration when it comes to which model will work for you. Look for options that are made of light materials, such as fiberglass ribs over steel ones, and perhaps a smaller canopy to make it easier to manage in windy conditions. We also offer some umbrellas that specialize in lightweight fabrics. 

Ease of Use
Above all, you want to be able to easily open and close the umbrella, otherwise, many are prone to leaving their umbrella at home if it’s too difficult to operate. Consider automatic models that open and close with the touch of a button and ensure the button is easy to press with little effort.

Having a tough-to-grip handle can result in even the prettiest umbrella getting dumped in the stand at the front door, never to be rescued again! Depending on your needs, look for cane handles, curved wooden handles or thicker, cushioned grips. Keep in mind handles add a lot of weight, so you might want something a bit sleeker to ease use.

Whatever your needs, we’re sure we can help you find the right option. Call or contact the Umbrella Shop if you have any questions about your specific needs!

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