There’s something about umbrellas that lends to works of art. People around the world seem to want to include them in their work and we can see why. Umbrellas evoke a personal experience for each person, connecting to their fashion choices, culture, and more. They also resonate with the theme of protection, keeping us dry and safe, which also makes them an interesting figure in some works of art. Umbrellas also come in so many styles and colours that there is literally something for everyone, and they are universally known objects around the world, connecting us in the same way art does.

That’s why we see so many different art installations that feature umbrellas so prominently. We decided to take a peek at a few of the best and least known umbrella art!

·      Parasol House
Artist Jo Ann Fleischhauer created this beautiful piece of work in Houston, Texas, designed to mimic a floral pattern that also spoke to the closeted nature of emotions in Victorian women, who often used their parasols to reveal their true feelings.

·      Melbourne Mall Umbrella Installation
Okay, so an Australian mall might not be where you expect to find incredible art, but these black umbrellas covered and entire ceiling with pretty spectacular results. It felt a little somber but to us at the Umbrella Shop, there’s something about an umbrella that just perks things up.

·      Channel 4 Headquarters, London
Artist Stephanie Imbeau created this stunning cascade of 1000 colourful (and lit) umbrellas outside the Channel 4 offices, making for an architectural feat as much as an artistic one. The work is also eco-friendly, since most of the umbrellas were sourced from lost and found through the transit authority.

·      Cumulus Light Canopy
Steven Haulenbeek created these stunning light fixtures that are a work of art wherever they appear. He used white photography umbrellas and fixed them into unique pieces that literally look like fluffy clouds over the dining table. Stunning, but best saved for open spaces!